söndag 14 maj 2017

Felt Octonauts!

Octonauts in Swedish: Professor Bläckvis, Kapten Sjöbjörn, Kira and Peso.

No, I haven't been painting anything for awhile. No art journaling. No canvases.
I just haven't had any time!
Strangely enough, I had time to make 4 Octonauts this weekend.
(I can't explain how that could be possible, when painting wasn't, so please don't ask me!)

Translated Octonauts books in Swedish. It's just two, I wish they translated them all!

Anyhow. I got lots of inspiration from this blog!

Well... 4 Octonaouts means 4 more Octonauts to go, but that will have to wait...
Next weekend I'm going to Finnabair's courses in Sjöbo!

My little Octonaut is going to be happy, she will probably take them hunting for monster shrimps and pirate treasures. With Daddy and torches!

All 8 of them! From the TV-series.