söndag 28 juli 2013

Inspiration from Melissa Philips - Copy of her acorn jar

Yet another card, in the "Inspiration from Melissa Philips"- series. But this time it's not just inspiration! I tried to copy her card below, to understand how she layers her background papers, how she builds her focal point and how she uses embellishments. 

Melissa's original card. (http://lilybeanpaperie.typepad.com/lilybeans_paperie/2011/08/counting-my-blessings.html)

What have I learned? 
I learned that she's a master at details and puts so much time into making them perfect. I can't handle her subtle colour scheme just yet - I make it all look dirty and shabby (without the "chique"), but I am working on it. 
I need the contrast very much, but I'd like to be able to use all those soft shades - I need to use those inks too, right? :)

I've never ever copied anything this close, but it's a really good lesson. You learn your weaknesses/strengths and it's super hard to try another person's style - especially when you're not used to it! 

I decided to try this approach to my favorite cardmakers last summer when attending the Papertrey Stamp-a-fair 2012 (a totally free online event even this year!) Melissa had a felt bow tutorial and I copied her card as close as I could - and it taught me lots of new stuff. Especially that she continues to improve her card, when I'd think that I'm done! :) I love her results!

This is what I want to do (sometimes) - copy the masters, learn new stuff about techniques, get new ideas - and incorporate them to my own stuff (or at least know what other options I have, that I'd never think about!)...

Though, I couldn't do it all the time. It takes my own creativity away, quite a bit! I see it as a fun tool to learn. I do love to think about how I learn stuff, but yes, I am a teacher myself.

Do you have your own approach to how to learn to handle a style you admire but don't really get the grip of? Please tell!

Have a lovely day!

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