söndag 25 augusti 2013

PTI Stamp-a-faire 2013 - Farewell (for now)

It's always hard to decide when to stop crafting, right? How on earth could I make such a mess? I've even been tidying up in between cards!
It's been a wonderful Stamp-a-fair, with tons of ideas and instruction videos. I'll be busy for a long time, because I plan to try out more stuff later. (Maybe I'll even have time to enter yet another card, but I doubt I'll have the time this weekend.) It's already noon here in Sweden, and I say farewell for now!

Edited: I made 2 more cards! :) LOL, didn't I say it's hard to stop? :D

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  1. Hi there in Sweden. Yes, it is hard to stop! So why do it? Can't wait to see all your results!