måndag 23 juli 2012

My favourite tutorials from Stamp-a-faire 2012

I just wanted to list some of the tutorials from this weekend that I enjoyed extra much!
Here they are:

My 5 favourite tutorials from Stamp-a-faire 2012:
(In no special order, except from the first one - that is my very favourite!)

Melissa makes a perfect card.

Nichole makes patterns with shaving cream!!! Wow!!!

Erin makes a fancy cake! (I love this one!)

The best instruction ever on how to tie bows. Dawn's tutorial, of course!

Betsy's ingenious ribbon flowers! (She uses fire!!!) :D

(There are plenty more tutorials at Nichole's website.)

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  1. Yep, I just looooved these tutorials as well! Shaving cream is on the grocery list now, hi hi. Thanks for your message on me winning with Pti. Yay, I'm so happy 'bout that! First time in three years joining in for challenges and release posts! :-D
    Have a great day!