söndag 26 februari 2017

Wanderlust week 6 - Amanda Grace's class "The love letter"

The Love Letter.

It's been busy weeks! My husband had his birthday, we've been ill, we've been fixing tons of stuff and we've also been taking some time together. The result of all this: Not much time for painting or art journaling...

I didn't make anything on Wanderlust week 5, I'll skip that one, at least for now. I'm a bit behind! Activities week 8 are already up, but I have no intention to rush this! I'll take my time.

Here's the result of the class from Amanda Grace on Wanderlust week 6. It's called "The love letter" and was really fun to do. I love to write, and this is something I've been telling my husband before, but it was really nice to get it down in an art journal, together with the photo(s) from our wedding.

In J. R. R. Tolkien's Middle-earth, Faramir is a fictional character appearing in The Lord of the Rings.

My husband comes from a white city and he's scarily much like Faramir in character. He knows his plants, but he's not as much into healing plants or medicine as Faramir... but he is an ecologist who has been known to wear down a pair of wellingtons of high quality, in a very short time, by climbing around in nature a bit too much. He's just as home beside a campfire as in a posh hotel. He isn't interested in power. At all.

And he looks like Faramir! (At least he looks like the Faramir in my copies of The Two Towers and Return of the King!) :D

And yes, I own a sword. But I haven't killed any Ringwraith with it - yet.

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  1. A wonderful page! It reminds me of my own a little bit in its composition. I'm a bit behind as well, but no worries. Thanks for commenting on my page on Wanderlust. I've clicked on the Book of Ruination link in your sidebar and I'm intrigued. I've bookmarked it for future reference. I can't possibly buy another class this year, but maybe later LOL! Have a lovely weekend! zsuzsa :)