måndag 6 mars 2017

Wanderlust week 8 - Challenge #2 "Super Gal"

What a challenge!

10 minutes, take a pic, 10 minutes more, take another pic, and then 10 minutes more - take a pic of the result! That's the challenge #2, week 8, over at Wanderlust! (The idea is to make this in 3 days.)

I don't work well under time pressure, but this was interesting indeed, and it actually came out better than I thought. I had to plan very carefully, much more than usual.

I started with an idea of my girl, a couple of years ahead in the future, as Super Girl. Our surname is Gal - of course she'll be Super Gal!

Here we go:

1. First 10 minutes: Black gesso, white structure paste.


2.  +10 minutes (= 20 minutes):

Arranging pics, gluing them down with Mod podge, adding some dots of paint and some black wax crayon.

3. +10 minutes (= 30 minutes):

Paint, Glimmer mist, white gel pen and some more wax crayon.


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