lördag 28 januari 2017

Wanderlust week 3 - Wilna Furstenberg's class "Journal Pages - 3 ways". Page 2 and 3 (of 3).

Page 2 - It's really hard to know how it works until you try! These two pages have a problem fitting together, I should have chosen something else than words as a structure on the first page... Of course!

Page 3 - Much darker. This is a technique that I can see myself using a lot! Need to practise, though!

This took some time!

Now, the last pages of Wilna Furstenburg's Wanderlust class from last week is finally being published!

Using the same image three times is easy, once you've drawn it, but I still found this lesson very demanding, because it's all new techniques to me. Working away, going through stages of colorful mess that (at least in my case) turns worse and worse, until it just suddenly clears up.

It IS magic, of its own kind!

"Trust the process!" is what Finnabair told me when I was attending her class almost a year ago. It's a very good advice! It's very much "process" in this type of art - and it almost always goes through an icky stage (as one of my fellow Wanderlusters put it, pretty much spot on).

It is hard to know when to stop. Should I go on or is this it? Usually I know, but with this I don't have much experience. It's interesting! It's good to learn new things!

This is very different from my usual stuff - and that's the point!

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